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ISO9002 Certification

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Quality Management

On November 10, 1998, Anchor Shipping & Trading (Pvt) Ltd became the first shipping agent in Pakistan to achieve ISO9002 certification. The programme began in June 1998 and the final assessment was completed in October 1998. All aspects of the companies work was covered in the certification including freight marketing, vessel handling for bulk and container vessels and all documentation operations. A dedicated and enthusiatic staff was the key to early completion.

Further expansion of the companies operations is now planned into other areas now that a comprehensive quality management system is in place. Anchor Shipping are the agents of Italia Marittima S.p.A
(Formerly Lloyd Triestino) and United Molasses in Pakistan. Their committment to Principals has been reinforced through a constant process of investment in systems and personnel. Now that Anchor Shipping has achieved certification, other shipping agents can follow in the footsteps of their pioneering effort.

Quality Policy

Anchor Shipping & Trading (Pvt) Ltd is dedicated to providing first class service to its principals in all spheres of activity. To satisfy our customers we must excel in the following areas:

Satisfy Customers written requirements. Work to comply with criteria we are measured on.

Building a reputation for honest and fair dealing with the trade.

Bringing to bear all the our available resources to maximize the service provided to local clients.

Ensure that mistake causing problems for our customers are rectified though regular reviews of our processes and sufficient corrective and preventive measures.

Train all employees of our company so they are up to the task of implementing this policy.

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