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Anchor Shipping & Trading (Pvt) Limited The Leading Shipping Agent in Pakistan with over thirty years of experience

ISO9002 Certification

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Liner Agency Services

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Agency Services

Are you looking for a company to provide Agency Services in Pakistan? Do you need a reputable company that is financially strong with a proven track record of success and customer satisfaction?

Why choose Anchor Shipping?

Owner Managers: We own and manage the company ourselves. We like the job and work hard to satisfy the Principal.

Honesty: We have a simple policy, only tell the truth.

Financial Integrity: We have a solid financial background and we can provide you secure business.

Marketing: Great contacts with the trade, a nationwide network and proven track record.

Competence: A foolproof quality management system and involved owners means trouble free operations, i.e. first world performance in a third world country.

Transparency: We work to reduce your complexity in the local environment. Its our job to understand and manage Pakistan, its your job to run the Line and make money.

How can we prove it?

We can provide you names and numbers of Principals, Bankers and Shippers so you can ask their private opinion.

Our reputation is an open book. Our Chief Executive has been awarded a Knighthood by the President of Italy.

The financial and marketing figures are all publicly available.

We have never been involved in any wrongdoing or financial scandal.

We can give you more details about our company depending if you are interested in Liner Agency Services or Tramp Agency Services.

Liner Agency Services

Tramp Agency Services

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