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Whether we represent you, do business with you or offer you services, you want to know your money is safe, we do our accounts well and take care of taxation and all government formalities.

Accounts Department :
Our accounts department is fully computerized with highly dedicated staff and strong experience in shipping. They can handle all aspects of the business to the fullest satisfaction of their Principals and clients.

In this regard, our core competence is financial security. We have developed strong financial controls so that the trust of our principals is never violated. Firstly, we have established a standard in which we remit all funds for Liner Principals within a maximum of 14 days. For tramp vessels we can manage to remit within 15 days of receiving all bills. We can arrange special terms for those Principals where we have long term arrangements. We have a long standing and solid relationship with our bankers and have developed sophisticated computer systems to speed up our State Bank documentation.

Tax :
For our foreign business partners we thoroughly investigate the most tax efficient ways of doing business to ensure the minimum cost to conduct business in Pakistan.

Insurance :
Lets face it, Pakistan can sometimes be a risky place to do business. Business defaults, theft, cargo claims, accidents, government penalties, and government policy changes all combine to place a premium on financial protection, good advise and insurance. Whether its money, containers, vessels, or cargo, we inform you of the risk involved and what steps to take to protect your interests.

Compliance :
In a country where enforcement is sometime spotty, it is easy to ignore some rule and regulations. Unfortunately, this can lead to very negative consequences, with years of non-compliance potentially devastating companies. We advise you obey the laws of our land. Our professionals are knowledgeable about our countries laws and can advise you about the latest status of your obligations.

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