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Anchor Shipping & Trading (Pvt) Limited The Leading Shipping Agent in Pakistan with over thirty years of experience

ISO9002 Certification

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Quality Management

What can we tell you about us?

We have a over 40 year official history and a over 75 year unofficial history. Sometimes you can tell about a companies future from its past. Has it achieved its objectives? Has it behaved ethically? Has it survived hard times? Has it invested in the future or fallen by the wayside? For our history, take a look.

Management. The management is a mix of family ownership and dedicated professionals. Who are the people that will handle your business? Do they know their stuff? Can they handle emergencies? WIll they understand what your saying?

Mission Statement. To establish Anchor Shipping & Trading (Pvt) Ltd as the leader in its chosen business areas throughout the world while maintaining our principles..

Our People and Our Infrastructure. This is what make us tick. The target of the majority of our investment. Our people are special to us, we train them like no other small company. We invest in infrastructure continuously, our offices, our communications, our computers and our systems.

Our money / Your money. Whether we represent you, do business with you or offer you services, you want to know your money is safe, we do our accounts well and take care of taxation and all government formalities.

Information Technology. This is the stuff which help our talented team perform to the capabilities, to avoid mistakes and respond fast. This is why you get a quick reply and feel safe doing business with us.

Principals. These are our main customers. The reason we work so hard. They have placed their trust in us to look after them in our country, They trust us and we trust them. That teamwork is what accomplishes the results.

Quality Management. We have a ISO9002 system. We were the first in our line of business. Did that take guts? Did that take vision? Did we face resistance, being pioneers? What do you think! Well, we're happy we did it. Life is much less stressful, everyone knows their job and we really do learn from our mistakes.

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