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Karachi Port

Port Bin Qasim

Port Bin Qasim

Tanker Information

Port Bin Qasim is about 45 km from Karachi.

There are three oil piers at Port Bin Qasim, namely Marginal Wharf-1, one Oil pier belonging to FAUJI oil terminal (FOTCO) and another one belongs to Engro VoPak Terminal Limited , namely EVTL.

Berthing is carried out on " first come first serve " basis. All berthing and sailing operations are carried out during day light as there is no night navigation.

Limitations and restrictions of these piers are as under:

Berth No. Max Draft Limit Restrictions Displacement Products Handled
  LOA Beam  
MW-1 10 m 210 m 33 m No restriction Discharging Edible oil, M.E.G, LPG and loading Crude oil
FOTCO 13 m 245 m 41 m No restriction Discharging fuel oil only
EVTL 11 m 225 m 40 m No restriction Discharging Paraxylene, Acetic Acid, Phosphoric Acid, LPG

Claims and Penalties

In order to fully protect your interest, we advise the following to avoid claims and penalties.

Pakistan Customs give a tolerance of (+/-) 0.25 per cent between B/L and arrived ullage report quantities. Therefore, we strongly advise you to appoint reliable surveyors at load port.
The Master should monitor loading surveyor calculation closely and lodge N.O.P.
If there is any shortage he needs to involve P&I Club.
We have very reputable / experienced surveyors who we will appoint here in Karachi / Port Qasim.

We recommend not to declare your Arr / Ullage report or cargo quantity to customs on arrival without consulting our appointed surveyor to safeguard your interest.

Please note that according to customs regulations all cargo is discharged into customs bonded tanks and delivery of cargo to consignee is effected against delivery order issued from agents / us.
This is issued to consignee only after presentation of Original Bill of Lading or Bank Guarantee. Therefore consignees do not normally present OBL prior commencement of discharging.

Please note that in order to reduce risk of customs / commercial claims due shortage of cargo discharge and resultant delays to the vessel's berth stay, its normal practice to appoint shore squeezing gang. In our view, the ship's crew is usually unable to perform due to the limited manpower and excessive heat in tanks.


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